3M Vehicle Wraps / Commercial & Custom

Maximize brand mileage by using vehicle graphics for more than just transportation. Boost brand awareness and reflect your style with Some of the Best ways to Brand and Market Your Business.

Every Wrap is Unique and Custom to fit Your Company and help you stand out from the rest. Offering reflective to protective, from vinyl to non-vinyl, there’s a wrap to fit a wide variety of needs. Our 3M Preferred Installer guarantees you get only the Best Quality Products and Installation the Industry Offers. 

A van with a brightly colored vehicle wrap displays a business name and an image of a man with two American flags.


Turn every trip into an advertising opportunity. Whether you operate a fleet of 2,000 trucks or rely on a single van to deliver products and services, extend your reach out on the open road. For bright colors that extend your brand’s reach, try 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC.

A hospital vehicle has a brightly colored graphic wrap that reflects light at nighttime.

… And Night

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to boost brand visibility after the sun sets and improve safety on the road. 3M’s™ wide-angle reflective technology will reflect your brand no matter what time you are on the road.

A food delivery van has a blue and white vehicle wrap displaying images of food.

Going Green

3M™ is proud to lead the revolution in greener car wrapping. Our non-PVC graphic films offer solutions for sustainability goals that more and more businesses are trying to achieve. When high performance is the highest priority, 3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Films deliver results that other films cannot match.

A sports car’s vehicle wrap is electric blue and reflects its surroundings.

Going Bold

When you’re looking for a single, eye-popping color to make the boldest of statements, look no further than the 3M™ 1080 Wrap Film Series. Manufactured with two color layers for dimensional stability and durability, this series has one of the largest collections of colors under the sun.